Kind Dub & Mike McPuff – Artist Spotlight

The Colorado Room will be celebrating Colorado’s newfound freedom to enjoy green by hosting a myriad of live performances by local artists and DJs on 4/20. Amongst the talented many are Kind Dub and Mike McPuff who have been lining the walls and stocking the shelves.


Excerpt about Kind Dub from The Collegian – From their humble beginnings, Cory Clarke (CO), Nick Arsenault (Arson), and Cody Marsden (Mr. KD) have come a very long way to become the successful entrepreneurs, musicians, and students they are today.  Being emancipated at the age of 15 and never meeting his mother until just a couple years ago sculpted Cory’s spirit to lead his own life, but it wasn’t always in the right direction.  Through high school, he struggled to find the right paths to success and often found himself learning many lessons the hard way. Shortly after losing his father at the age of 20, Cody began to re-immerse himself in music, guitar, and production. A mutual friend between the two had introduced the future of Kind Dub, “CO and Mr. KD”, to one another before leaving to join the Air Force. After spending a summer vacation in Ft. Collins, Cody went back home to Atlanta to sell his car and acquire funds to move out to Colorado. On the same day, Cory made room in his house, quit his dead end jobs, enrolled in college, and bought a keyboard to assist in production. Their friendship quickly grew and catalyzed the musical and entrepreneurial bond between Cory and Cody. Out of their prophetic friendship, Kind Dub was born. Meanwhile, Nick was overseas serving under the stars and stripes in the Navy, and completed two tours.  After serving, Nick moved to Fort Collins and one unexpected night after FOCO MX two years ago, the three of them crossed paths freestyling late-night at a bus stop. Two days later, the trio wrote their first song “Twist It” together.  Adversity sculpted the raw determination that fuels these three young men to accomplish their dreams and has only motivated them to overcome the hurdles they set out to clear. As of today, all three men are full-time students, musicians and entrepreneurs. With a diverse musical talent ranging from hip-hop to electronic and bluegrass, Kind Dub sports an impressive range of musical capabilities; although not limited to a specific genre, they have been focusing their efforts on hip-hop. On December 26th 2012 the idea of Hood Life was born, as Cory was busy pondering the next move waiting for Cody to return from a trip to Atlanta, Georgia. This idea has evolved from simple band merchandise into a branding and apparel business that’s available in over 15 retailers across the Front Range and growing. Cory and Cody’s brand, Hood Life, represents the progressive collaboration that the Fort Collins and Colorado communities strive to achieve through proactive law reform, respect and love for our community and environment that is leading the way for the rest of the country.

Kind Dub chose to display at TCR because of the atmosphere, love from ownership and employees when we first arrived, and the support we are able to bring each other and the community should be an example of how others can work together in the community to achieve goals and share mutual passions like art, music, beer, food, and locals.





Mike McPuff creates paintings,drawings,designs,shirts,hats, stickers, coloring books, you name it. He got started in 2009 making abstract drip paintings. Being a skateboarder and musician, visual art is naturally the next step. It wasn’t until 2012 that he really started messing with characters and finding what he now considers his own style. He chooses to display at the Colorado Room because the owners really embrace local creativity and art rather than looking for the typical type paintings seen in many of the coffee shops and galleries in old town. It has been a great location for selling art and reaching new people.

“The Opportunist” Acrylic and marker on canvas,10 x 12 inches, $40


“Optical Orchard of Falling Particles Coagulent Initiation Fee” Acrylic and marker on canvas, 30 x 24 inches, $120


“The McPuff Coloring Book” Digital Printed Coloring Book, $10

Be sure to come and support, they’ve all worked long and hard to get where they are today. Same thing with TCR, started from the bottom and now we here, still with plenty more room to grow.

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